Presentations That Drive Change

Accelerate New Ideas, Find Answers and Propel Your Business

Steve Epner preview video
Steve’s engaging and compelling keynotes are customizable for any audience and will help you discover how to:

  • Utilize key performance indicators to their advantage
  • Ignite Innovation
  • Apply corporate strategy and planning
  • Track symptoms to underlying challenges
  • Listen, diagnose and solve
  • Develop technology strategies to gain competitive edge
  • Get from “do do” to “done done”

Gain tools, knowledge and motivation for success!

Making Thunder

Thunder comes from lightening; lightening is sparked by ideas; and it is those ideas that will take us to the future. This presentation highlights the many possibilities that are out there and provides business teams with a newfound excitement to innovate and accelerate new ideas. Once you learn to make thunder, nothing ever looks the same. Steve uses his unique perspective to provide insights that will help any organization move toward the future.

The Management Puzzle

While there are no secret buttons that can be pushed to solve problems, there are a few simple keys to getting to a good answer. The puzzle forces business executives to develop a different perspective. It provides four simple steps to move to success. They are: Diagnose, Focus, Solve and Manage. Put the puzzle together correctly and you create competitive advantage. You will get the tools to discover your own unique answers.

Leaders – Managers – Doers: A methodology to Cure Many Organizational Problems

This workshop/keynote is a hands on process to define organizational changes required for a company to be successful. Discover the structure that will best suit your company and help propel it forward. You will learn how to untangle the structure that exists and replace it with one that works. This can be customized for smaller groups of 2 to 10 organization leaders or larger breakout sessions.